About Signature Pick

Signature Pick is dedicated to connecting the creative work of artists, designers, and dreamers to people looking for unique furniture, accessories, and art. Focused on good design and collaboration, Signature Picks works together with passionate creatives and skilled craftsmen to develop interesting and unique products for homes, workplaces and commercial spaces.

Design – Signature Pick was born from a passion for bringing new ideas to life. Working with talented creatives, Signature Pick develops and sells a portfolio of pieces ranging from tables and home decor to art, to a growing audience of private consumers, designers, architects and companies.

Quality Craftsmanship - 100% of our products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the United States, helping us ensure that all products meet our high expectations for quality and more quickly deliver directly to customers. Our history producing contract grade products influences how we develop every piece, with enduring craftsmanship in mind.

Community – We are proud of the products we’ve built, but also of the relationships we’ve cultivated. Whether with designers or craftsmen or customers, the connections we’ve made help us keep creating new and innovative work. We hope to make discovering and acquiring good design an easy process.

Founder Matt Adams is a master metalsmith and designer. For years Matt and his team have developed and built custom furniture and fixtures for clients ranging from independent artists and designers to major companies, such as Nordstrom and the Seattle Mariners. This passion for design and expertise in production inspired Signature Pick, a brand focused on not only bringing creative ideas to life, but also on sharing these interesting projects with those looking for unique furniture and homewares.

Interested in more information on Signature Pick? Send inquiries to info@signaturepick.com