Stagger Slat Table, Blacked Steel Table with forged steel panels

Stagger Slat Table with Forged Panels

Nancy Webber
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The Staggered Slat Forged Table merges clean lines with hand textured steel. The staggered side panel pattern combined with the rustic forged finish creates a sense of wabi-sabi, that contrasts again the modern, geometric design of this blackened steel table.

Materials: Mild Steel, Hammered Steel Panels
Finish: Blackened Steel, Hand Forged Texture
Dimensions: 96" W x 42" D x 30" H

designed by Nancy Webber
Designer and curator, Nancy Webber has a passion for melding craft and style into timeless pieces. As Nordstrom's Store Design Lead, Nancy has shaped the aesthetics of one of the global fashion leaders experience design.

Signature Picks products are typically fabricated and finished by hand. Minor variations in the shape, dimensions, or finish are to be expected in a handcrafted product. Steel plate inherently has variations in surface texture and tone and some products may have tooling marks or other artifacts of the fabrication process which are part of the character of the piece. Other natural materials utilized such as wood may also have variations in appearance.

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