Creative Entrepreneur behind Signature Pick, Matt Adams

Matt Adams is a talented artist, designer, and creative entrepreneur. He is the founder of Signature Pick a Collaborative Design House where Interior Designers, Creatives and Highly Skilled fabricators come together to create extraordinary art and furniture pieces.

He is also the artistic energy behind Redsoul, his high-end fabrication and metal shop in Seattle, WA. His passion for collaboration and reputation for quality work has led to projects with many renowned brands including Nordstrom and the Seattle Mariners, and work with interior designers, artists and others looking for quality craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Modern Lux Mirror Polished True Bronze Table by Matt Adams

Matt always had a creative drive, “I’ve always liked to draw, ever since I was a kid. It was just the easiest cheapest way to be creative. I mean, we all have a piece of paper and a pencil.” This led him to pursue art and it was a college sculpture class project that guided him to metalwork. Tasked to personalize a chair, he converted a scavenged exercise bike into a custom chopper. “It wasn’t that I had some deep passion for chop motorcycles”, Matt says, “but I really was attracted to creating and the hands on fabrication and customizing of things. I like the idea of creating something that's never existed before.”

He got a job at a custom motorcycle shop where he taught himself to weld and learned the tools of the trade. Matt eventually established his own shop and as the chopper trend died out, started creating more art and using his passion for customization on furniture. “I like designing products, but I enjoy more sculptural stuff’, he says, “I don’t want to just make a chair to sit in, I would rather make something to impressive. Whenever you can make someone go ‘wow’, that’s probably the highest compliment you can get.”